Holistic Dentistry

Holistic Dentistry Specialist
Dr. Gabi focuses on advanced science and the most up to date health information to encourage patients to educate themselves about how diet and nutrition affect their oral health. This holistic dental care allows him to customize treatment to each patient's individual needs, focusing on how their diet and lifestyle affect their oral health.

Holistic Dentistry Q&A


What is Holistic Dentistry?

Integrative Dentistry brings a holistic philosophy to the practice of dentistry. As such, it enlists the body, mind, and spirit to the care and maintenance of the mouth, the gateway to the whole body. In fact, we can determine a great deal about your general health by examining your mouth. Once we’ve assessed your level of overall health, we utilize natural/alternative treatments and remedies—where possible—and tailor-made protocols to bring your whole body into balance. When your mouth is healthy, you are healthy and vice versa.

Our mission is to provide our patients with exceptional and innovative holistic dental services along with many special touches, modern treatments, and time-honored healing modalities, to transform the dreaded dental visit into an opportunity for self-rejuvenation and healing. We are all in this together, making choices and understanding how our work fits into our lives and health.

What is Safe Mercury Removal?

Dr. Gabi understands that mercury amalgam fillings can be toxic if left in the mouth. Patients who still have this type of filling can visit him for a full consultation to develop a treatment plan for safe mercury removal. Mercury fillings need to be removed in a very specific way, and Dr. Gabi can advise the patient about how this process works, how long it will take in each individual situation, and the best way to proceed. He can then safely remove all mercury fillings and replace them with newer, safer fillings.

What is The Dental Diet?

Holistic dentistry is focused on treating dental issues that patients may be experiencing by using a wide variety of methods, including diet. Dr. Gabi focuses on a specific diet, known as The Dental Diet, that helps patients develop overall health and wellness, while encouraging dental health.

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