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Do you want a great-looking smile? Everyone does! Dr. Tzur Gabi works patients to design smile makeovers that are customized to meet each patient's specific needs so every patient can get the smile he or she wants. Schedule a consultation to learn how you can get a great smile.

Smile Makeover Q & A

What is a smile makeover?

A smile makeover is a combination of dental procedures and treatments aimed at helping you get the smile you want by addressing your unique issues and concerns. Smile makeovers can involve both restorative and cosmetic procedures in a carefully orchestrated treatment plan designed just for you.

What kinds of procedures are involved in a smile makeover?

Smile makeovers can include just about any type of procedure, including:

  • veneers
  • dental implants
  • dental crowns
  • bridges
  • whitening
  • root canals
  • tooth-colored fillings
  • Invisalign orthodontics
  • gum grafts

How can I tell which procedures are right for me?

Every patient's mouth and ideal smile are different; that means when it comes to a smile makeover, each patient's needs will also be completely unique. Dr. Gabi will perform a comprehensive exam and evaluation of your mouth and carefully go over your concerns and goals to design a treatment plan that's designed to achieve those goals and provide you with your ideal smile.

How should I prepare for my consultation?

One of the best ways to determine what you'd like to change about your smile is to stand in front of a mirror and smile naturally, then make a list of the things you'd like to change. Bring the list with you to your appointment so you can discuss those concerns with Dr. Gabi and learn about the types of treatments that can help address them.

If I need multiple procedures, can they be performed at one time?

That depends on the types of procedures you need. Your treatment plan will be carefully designed to address all your concerns, including concerns about timing multiple appointments and fitting procedural costs into your budget. Dr. Gabi has extensive experience designing smiles for patients, so you should feel comfortable asking him questions and discussing concerns during your consultation appointment.


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For patients with larger treatment needs we will work hand in hand with you to find payment plans that are comfortable for you and your family.

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No Insurance, No Problem

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For patients with larger treatment needs we will work hand in hand with you to find payment plans that are comfortable for you and your family.

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